Do You Feel Like Something Is Missing From Your Life?

Welcome To The Yellow Coaching Program

Meet Your Coach, Tammy

A personal development leader, entrepreneur, philanthropist and unwavering optimist devoted to getting you out of your own way to live a balanced, successful life.

Tammy’s core values – success, time, balance – have made her a natural leader and a deep believer in the importance of life beyond the workplace. She honours the lessons she learnt on her painful journey of growth, which took her down a path of embarrassing mistakes, heartaches, redundancy, weight issues and massive debt before she reached her glory.

After turning her back on the corporate world, Tammy courageously built her own successful business, crafting systems that run like clockwork, empowering her team to believe in her mission and giving herself the freedom to do more in less time.

Now, she shares her lessons, experiences and innate abilities to free others, setting them on their own path to growth, guiding them as they design a fulfilled and purposeful life.

Our Mission is...

to guide professionals and business owners to rewire the overworked-mindset,

to gain balance in life, without sacrificing success!

So you can...

Get Out Of Grey

Being uninspired, overwhelmed, pressured, exhausted. Procrastinating, living on someone else’s terms, wishing away the working days, carrying a heavy weight on your back, living for the next paycheck. A chaotic diary

& Go To Yellow

Waking up inspired, with eyes beaming for the day ahead. Walking with a bounce in your step. Living with massive joy in your heart. A life of complete fulfilment – because success without fulfilment is the ultimate failure

What can you expect from The Yellow Coaching Program?

  • Develop a crystal clear plan for your life's direction,

  • Learn how to focus your mind and sharpen your performance,

  • Increase your energy with consistent action taking and massive results,

  • Learn how to navigate the world with grace and conviction,

  • Overcome habits and behaviours that hold you back,

  • Be free from overestimating tomorrow and underestimating the power of today,

  • Go from cluttered mess to organised success,

  • Improve your communication style to empower, influence and develop lasting relationships.

  • Rewire negative thought patterns to so you can lean into your best self!

How do we do it?

Introducing The Yellow Tools; a three phase process

designed by you, for you!

Focus & Direction

Approx 8 - 10 weeks

  • Identify your personal code of conduct to live by - known as your core values

  • Uncover the direction of travel with the power of Vision Statements, Vision Boards & Visualisation

  • Create your intention with the North Star Mission

  • Develop a solid plan of action with an Ultimate Goal & Evolving Goals

Productivity & Energy

Approx 8 - 10 weeks

  • Pinpoint the stop signs and roadblocks on your journey to fulfilment

  • Leverage Productivity & Energy tools that complement your lifestyle (max 4). Examples such as:
  • Diary Detox
  • Morning Routine
  • Food For Thought
  • The Ideal Performance
  • Filling Up My Cup
  • The Night Before
  • Thinking Chair

Freedom & Fulfilment

Approx 8 - 10 weeks

  • Identifying & embracing your uniqueness

  • Letting go of preconceived rules, limitations & defeat the inner critic

  • Building empowered teams & lasting relationships with The Art of Communication

  • Delegate with Trust

  • Asserting your voice and setting boundaries


  • 4 x Clinical Hypnotherapy Sessions to shift mental state to positive & empowered
  • 21 Day Purify Your Body Programme: Reset your Gut Microbiome
  • Goals & Accountability Group Coaching


Your workbook will be shared via email prior to your booked coaching session and not before. Together we will work through each step over a private Zoom video call.

At the end of each session, your tasks will be set for completion before our session commences.

Here are some examples of the workbooks for each of the 3 phases.

How to book your session?

Yellow Clients have access to a priority scheduling system from Monday to Sunday, unless other commitments permit.

Clients are responsible for booking their sessions in a timely manner.

It is recommended to complete the program in the suggested time frames in each Yellow Tool phase however we appreciate life is not as simple as we would like it to be.

Offering clients an additional 1 month to complete each phase is considered generous and reasonable. Should the agreement end without completing the Yellow Tool phase, clients will no longer have access to the coaching services.

Are you the right fit?

  • A professional or business owner with high-achievement spirit.

  • Committed to your success and dedicated to achieving massive results.

  • Willing to fully engage with each step of the program for the duration of our agreement.

  • Prepared to battle your excuses, overcome fears and get uncomfortable with positive change.

What is the investment in your personal development?

Option 1: "Yes, I want all in life-enhancing results"

The full program is £3,500 (incl VAT) payable in full or agreed on payment terms.

This includes access to all 3 Yellow Tools, all upgrades, workshops and group bi-weekly accountability & coaching sessions.

Option 2: "I would like to create a bespoke version without the full commitment"

Individual Yellow Tool phase is £997 (incl VAT) payable in full or agreed on payment terms.

This includes access to tools suitable for your aspirations but does NOT include Group bi-weekly accountability & coaching sessions.

Option 3: "I am not sure. I would like a pay per session basis"

A 60 minute private coaching session to achieve the prior agreed outcome at £105 (incl VAT). Payable in full only.

A discount of 5% will be applied if paid in full except option 3.

We accept all major debit and credit card payments via a secure payment platform, Stripe.

So, you have a choice...

You can keep doing what you are doing hoping to live a fulfilled life, or you can become the high-achiever who develops a mindset that defies the odds and pushes boundaries.

Those that struggle use the old method of trial and error, read the personal development books, attend lengthly seminars and access self-learning courses. These have their place but they are not the game changer.

It is not an easy task to develop a clear picture of what you want the future to be, one that is authentic and without an expectation. Equally, it can be hard to recognise what is an actual limitation in your pathway, and one that is just your negative narrative keeping you down.

A coach will, quite frankly, call you out on your excuses.

The coaching industry is booming because it is one of the most valuable tools you can have - it is an investment in yourself and can yield significant benefits in all areas of your life. Coaching will give you access to the skills that empower you, powerful insights and accountability to achieve.

Read the success stories below to discover what is possible for you.

Client Testimonials

"Tammy has coached me through her Focus & Direction Course this year. She has guided me through understanding my values, priorities and mission in life and has really helped me to re-evaluate what I am aiming for and the direction I would like to take my business in. This has, in turn, helped to shape the services I offer and the shape of my ideal customer. Tammy is incredibly patient and skillfully guides you through her carefully planned workbooks to allow you to reach your own decisions and really understand the direction you want your life to travel in - both professionally and personally. I have had several 'A-Ha' moments! Tammy never imposes her own views and allows you the time to think and consider your answers, you will never feel rushed. Our meetings have all been through video link, it has still been an incredibly personal experience. I recommend everyone who feels like they are coasting through life without a purpose to use her services, find your purpose, find what drives you, find your 'WHY'. You will more than likely be pleasantly surprised by what you learn about yourself"


“Tammy has been fantastic in helping me find clarity and focus on the important tasks. The valuable tools helped with reducing wasted time on unnecessary areas of my business and investing in areas that give me the greatest returns. She has done this by helping me to understand the value of my time and services, guiding me to feel confident to say NO to work which wasn’t in my long term interest. Not only has it freed up my time to spend on my most important projects, it has helped reduce stress from my life. Outside of business, I am more confident and energised which means I can invest in my health which prior wasn’t possible with lack of time and energy.”


“Tammy has an unrivalled way of helping you see clearly. After years of feeling as though I had so much to do and unable to find where to begin, Tammy & the Yellow Tools has helped find my focus. Through conversations, she has helped me understand who I am as a person and where I want to be in the future. I didn’t know I had so many limiting beliefs about myself. After maternity leave, my anxiety spiked – how will I cope with being a working mum? How will I cope with the daily struggles of guilt vs. being my own person again? Tammy helped me to implement new practices to ensure that guilt didn’t play a part in my routine and gave me the tools to ensure I absorbed the positive energy around me and built barriers to guard against the negativity. I’ve never met anyone like Tammy is a force in her own right who has the ability to really help you carve your way in this world.”


"I would start my day feeling overwhelmed. Procrastination became my friend. Tasks kept piling up and my mind was cluttered. Becoming productive enabled me to focus on what is important and what needs to be delegated or binned. The thought of delegating was too much to handle, as I believed that I could do it better. But in reality, I was doing half the quality or not at all. This realisation gave me the nervous courage to free up my time so I can be bolder and more impactful. Now I am purposeful and working with clients who fuel me"


“I run my own business therefore my focus has been on work. Although I never really took my time to think about it, I felt like my life is out of balance and something is off. I knew that if I continue this in the long run, not only my personal life but eventually my business will also suffer. Tammy created a really well structured “mental environment”. I realised what were the real, tangible factors at the bottom of my “something’s not right” feeling. Once she helped me clearly identify what I deeply desired, she also helped come up with an action plan of dealing with these areas. I left our sessions energised and ready to work on myself. Within the next few weeks my “non-work time” finally had some sort of structure, I started to feel like I have more time than before. I felt less frazzled and less anxious.”


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