What Small Business Owners Do Differently To Improve Competitive Advantage

... Even In Adversity

We are facing a challenging time. Many are concerned about the growth or stability of their business.

Whilst it forces change, it opens up new opportunities.

Before this turn in the economy, eight of every 10 businesses flop within the first 18 months of operations. Cast that figure out to 10 years and that stats plummet to only 4% of businesses survive. An on-going entrepreneurial battle. Clearly, the odds are stacked up against us in this constantly changing world but there is always another way to build and scale a company without becoming another statistic.

Small Business Owners do not rest on their laurels, they take action and get results through masterminding.

Consider them a safe haven for those that are looking to learn and expand their skill set while networking with influential and forward-thinking minds.

These ultra-exclusive groups extend support from the norm:

  • catapults your business forwards,

  • create a space for going beyond what you believe to be possible,

  • putting theory into practice,

  • brainstorming new ways of thinking and doing,

  • providing the competitive-edge you once toil the idea of,

  • an opportunity to exponentially rise with groundbreaking personal & business development,

  • a move from fluff to taking consistent action with massive results.

You don't have to wear all the hats and hope for growth!

Unleash Your Inner Leader - Join The Yellow Mastermind

We are pleased to announce that we have opened a unique mastermind group to support our new normal and to defy the odds for small business owners and entrepreneurs (1 - 10 employees). It is time for us to rise and share our support, and create an internal economy.

Expect to go from exhausted doing-the-do and overwhelmed trying to be all hats...

To successfully fulfilled; loving what you do and excelling with massive results!

The Yellow Mastermind Program With Your Coach, Tammy:

  • 60-minute private coaching before meeting your 6 mastermind team
  • 2 live group training in the first month
  • Uncover the driving force behind compelling goals with vision statements
  • Identify your “north star” mission
  • Develop a crystal clear plan with the Ultimate Goal and Evolving Goals
  • Monthly group accountability, brainstorming and identifying roadblocks (2 hours)

  • Between monthly masterminding session, receive personal email coaching to overcome setbacks

  • Extend your network with access to the private Yellow Mastermind Facebook group

  • PLUS... leverage your Mastermind team's expertise by exchanging 2 hours of services each month! That means you concentrate on what you love doing and your team action the work you dislike (each Yellow Mastermind group will have the key business expertise for your aspirations i.e finance, operation, tech, social media and so on)

This is different from networking

It is rare to get the in-depth one on one support from networking as they tend to be a large group with little wriggle room for sharing challenges in an open and honest environment. You also do not have opportunities to bounce inspiring ideas around the room to take forward with an action plan.

Many leave standard networking groups with a few new contacts and some inspiration, but no action or accountability.

This Yellow Mastermind takes away the pain of inaction.

"But, I can do it alone"

Those that are overworked are battling the pain of wearing all hats. Consider how much time you are spending on building your business in the areas you dislike? Or maybe you are avoiding them all together? For example, if your skillset is not in finance, yet you know this is fundamental for your business growth, do you spend 15 hours a month trying to figure it out or do you hide away from the numbers? The Yellow Mastermind takes this pain away.

At first, it may seem a little unusual to pay to meet other people. Consider it as an environment to increase the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Those in business outgrow their immediate friendship circle quite quickly as they are having to evolve at pace.

If your friends react to adversity by complaining and excuse-making, you’ll soon imitate their mannerism. If they spend most weekends drinking or lounging on the sofa binge-watching Netflix, you’ll begin to believe these habits are beneficial to downtime. If they’re salaried workers, entrepreneurship will appear terrifying and risky. You will often hear them say “get a real job”. Whilst they have good intentions, they can’t give you the advice and motivation you need for everyday business challenges.

Grow your tribe of high-achievers in this Yellow Mastermind - absorb their energy, learn from the brightest minds and develop a powerful business mindset.

Here is what The Yellow Mastermind comparison looks like...

Are you the right fit?

  • A small business owner (1 - 10 employees) with the desire to grow.

  • Have a skill to offer i.e. Marketing, Legal, Finance, Social Media, Operations, HR, Purchasing, Project Management.

  • Committed to your success and dedicated to exchanging services your Mastermind team.

What is the investment value over 12 months?

The Yellow Mastermind is worth £16,692!!!

You Only Pay £150 Per Month!

*plus VAT **a 12 months minimum agreement

You have a choice

You can keep doing what you are doing hoping to survive, or you can surround yourself with high-achievers who have a mindset that defies the odds and pushes boundaries.

Those that struggle use the old method of trial and error. Without understanding a 360 view of business, and without having the right tools and techniques to implement advanced strategies and tactics, the majority of entrepreneurs and business owners will remain stuck in a rut, lost and falling into a pit of despair. The pit where considering going back to stable office working becomes their biggest dread.

Leaders know they can learn from those in the know or have experienced the challenge themselves. They boldly step-up by learning new strategies.

If you are still unsure, answer these questions:

  • Who do you spend the most time with?

  • What mannerism are you mimicking from your group average?

  • Is your current method going to deliver the results?

  • What is the impact of inaction on your personal development?

  • What impact does this have on your business?

  • How does this affect your way of living?

Not ready to throw in the towel?

Submit your application to our team. We will contact you to discuss your suitability on the Yellow Mastermind Program and assign you to a group that meets your aspirations.

But a bit of fair warning...

Our members are not average performers, but rather those who are committed to getting results by learning from the collective knowledge and experience from others in the masterminding group. This is not for you if you are not determined to get results, an excuse maker or expect a magic pill. It takes time, focus and consistent action.

Please do not submit your application if you are any of these.

We care for our member’s success and results.

Click the button below and will ask you a few questions about you and your business.

When you’re done, Tammy will reply and have a further chat with you.

Not Quite Ready To Get Started?

Download the free PDF to discover the key benefits to joining the Mastermind along with some tools to use today!

Or schedule a clarity call to dive deeper in to your aspirations and the Yellow Mastermind group for you.

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